Top Winners and Losers not including US stocks

Hi @Team212, as the title states really. The app lists dedicated to Top Winners and Losers are not incorporating US stocks since their market open.

Can someone take a look please?

Many thanks



Now gone completely with the closure of the UK / EUR markets.

Hi @Joey_Fantana,

No issues were caught on Friday. We will investigate today and get back if any errors are found.

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@PeterA this has occurred again today. No US stocks in either category - can you take a look while the market is open please?

Many thanks!
cc. @David @Martin

Top Winners & Top Losers are being updated once every 10 minutes. Thus, there’s a period of 10 minutes after the opening of the US session where the US stocks aren’t included in the watchlists.

Hey @Martin, yep aware of that but that was over an hour ago and stil no US stocks showing. Only UK and EUR.

Looks to have fixed it, now - thanks!

At it again today @David @Martin @PeterA if one of you can take a look please?


The problem re-appeared today. Only UK companies are present in the list, although US market is open.

Seeing the same problem on my app too.

Hope this doesn’t happen today, I use these list a lot @David please provide status of this issue?

Currently, the list contains US stocks. It was updated after the start of the US session.

Thanks @Rumen, it seems to be the odd day where US stocks don’t pull through. Yesterday being one of them. Would be good to catch it on the day and identify where it falls down WHEN it falls down.

Hi @David @Rumen @Martin @Team212

The lists are at it again today - no US stocks feeding through.

Can you take a look please?




We are aware of the issue, and it’s being investigated at the moment.

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Good stuff, thanks mate.