Latest 'New Watchlists"

Great to see the latest ‘New Watchlists’ - with most action-packed stocks of top winners and top losers.

Could this list include UK stocks, pls?


Probably does, no?

Yeah nice feature. Although not today as I convinced myself not to bother with Boxlight early on, dammit!

@Jimmy1 @Joey_Fantana

It includes stocks from our entire universe of securities. We don’t pick & curate it manually, it updates itself by ranking stocks based on daily % change from most to least. So, whatever’s moving the most - you’ll find it there.

P.S. Updates automatically every 10 minutes.


I had a list of top winners and losers yesterday but I have logged in this morning and the watch list is gone?

@dougiec1978 It disappears when there are no open markets. There’s no point to see an empty watchlist or one full of untradeable instruments. It’ll reappear right when EU markets open.

Might need a refresh/restart to see it if you’ve logged in before the EU opening bell.


I guessed that might be the case but expected it to appear when the UK markets opened.

@David Would T212 be able to expand the Top Winners/ Top Losers watchlists by country for example Top UK Winners, Top US Losers etc. as a future feature?

@David this does not appear for me any ideas why do need to doing something, this via mobile app.

Yep it shows the winners and losers of UK stocks. Thanks for this feature.

Not visible for me either on my mobile app. I got the notifications but clicking on it takes me to my last selected watchlist. Does this require an update? UK user.

they are in this order: my watchlist, us stocks, uk stocks, top winners, top losers, popular …etc… I see them on my mobile app android.

a suggestion would be to have ‘UK winnners’, ‘UK losers’, ‘US winners’ etc. but not sure if that is a better idea or not, not so clean

I don’t seem to see ‘top winners or loosers list’ in my ISA account. Can someone please identify the problem. Many thanks.

Just found out that this option is available in ‘INV’ account not ISA account yet.

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@ni62 Do you still not see it in the ISA? It should be visible everywhere.

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I see that top winners and looser in my ISA account.


its visible to be now. thanks

@David still missing for me both in the ISA and Invest

Top winner and looser has disappeared from my ISA account. I checked at around 9:55pm UK time.

it only appears when market is open.

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It seems these top winners are sorted by highest to lowest but has anyone else seen where they are not in order? for example the 80% is below the 47% here when surely the 80% should be on top? a bug?

Think that’s to do with the 10 min refresh. Think they re-sort themselves every 10 so there will be short periods such as the above if 2nd place performs better than 1st place between refreshes.