SOFI chart not refreshing *RESOLVED*

Hi guys

Thiough the issue with charts not refreshing at open was resolved but apparentkly not. Seems to really struggle when a stock gaps up or down at open.

Can you take a look at SOFI and update please?



Not sure if this was fixed or the platform eventually caught up, but this still looks like it needs looking at.

In any case, this query is resolved.

Hey @Joey_Fantana

The stock underwent a change of its name & ticker, thus the slight delay in received quotes.

Regardless, all is now well and the chart is updating normally, as we speak. :v:

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Thanks @B.E - is anyone looking at the Top Winners and Losers screens today? Not pulling through US stocks at the minute.

Nice catch! :fist:

The tab does not include US & UK stocks, since yesterday the relevant exchanges were closed and thus, no reference price is available. Hope that helps!

EDIT: In situations of the sort, once the European session ends, the Top winners/losers tab will disappear, due to a lack of reference prices available.

Ah interesting! I had noticed the correlation but couldn’t be bothered to write as much in my last message. Good to know.

Are there any plans to tweak that to look back at the last trading day rather than last business day?


Hey, Joey

We consider the possibilities for this to happen. Currently, an estimated time could not be provided.

You can be certain that, as always, we will inform you once we make a progress.


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