Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II (SNPR) Files For IPO

Did I read somewhere on here a while ago that access to the Hong Kong exchange is in the pipeline?

It was in the pipeline at least.

@david @martin any update on the HK exchange being added? Saw that OTC might be close so wondered just how many new exchanges might be opening up.


We got Xiomi and others on the CFD platform anyway which is great.

Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering

Tortoise Acquisition II prices upsized $300M IPO

I don’t really see this leaping any higher than your usual SPAC on launch, do you? Nothing known.

Agreed, no guesses at all lol but I’m curious if on the way to identifying Hyliion, did the SHLL team find other companies that would still be of interest. The brief of the ideal target for SNPR is very similar if not the same as for SHLL. Time will tell. I’m keen to take a small position now if possible.

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The units will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) and trade under the ticker symbol “SNPR.U” beginning September 11, 2020.


Nope - bookmark this, it’s useful;


Very new here and excuse my question if it’s dumb, but if shll becomes snpr would that make the shll stock worth less or would it transfer into snpr?

Huh, what you mean if SHLL becomes SNPR?

Not how it works. This is a totally new stock - Tortoise Acquisition Corp II. As in the 2nd one.

So the first Tortoise Acquisition company is SHLL and merging with Hyliion.

Tortoise Acquisition II is a second acquisition company formed by the same management with a new ticker (SNPR) and eventually a new merger target.


Ah thanks for the explanation!

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Hi Can we buy SNPR. U in T212 to buy ? Cant find then under stock list. Thank you

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Tortoise Acquisition Corp. II (SNPR)

why is it still not added to the platform ?

Did you read @Lonelynx 's reply? Or the chat threads contained in it?

It hasn’t been close to 52 days yet.

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No, but I just did, thanks