Total energies on the FTSE

Hi i believe total energies has a uk ftse listing can this be added please

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We’ll check if that’s the case and add the listing if possible. I’ll keep you posted on the progress :raised_hands:

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Totalenergies Se Totalenergies Ord Shs

Totalenergies Se Totalenergies Ord Shs is listed on the London Stock Exchange, trading with ticker code TTE. It has a market capitalisation of €133,886m, with approximately 2,453m shares in issue. Over the last year, Totalenergies share price has been traded in a range of 18.7075, hitting a high of 63.08, and a low of 44.3725.

Don’t mind me asking, but given that the LSE listing is also priced in EUR, why do you prefer the LSE listing over the (already available) Paris’?

Edit: as far as I can tell, the only difference between the listings is a 0.3% levy from French’s exchange, but I believe the LSE listing would also bear the 0.5% stamp duty?
And when it comes to dividends, the withholding tax due is the same, as the company is headquartered in France. Unlike the previous double (or quad!) listing of Shell, which had 2 entities with separate HQs in NL and UK.

Thank you for your insight Zergui indeed does not seem to be much difference between the 2 listings to be fair thats what makes trading 212 community so good when we can help each other much appreciated thank you

No worries, I was just wondering if you had some more insights about the LSE listing specifically.

Quick update - the instrument’s LSE listing is not available through our intermediary, so we won’t be able to accommodate the request. TotalEnergies SE does have a Euronext Paris listing, which is available on the platform, though :v:

thank you for the update will have to settle for the paris listing much appreciated taking time to look

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You’re welcome :pray:

If you have any other instruments you’d like to see on the platform - shoot straight ahead. I’ll gladly review them.