UK Investing Stocks

Hi All,
My profile is heavy on the US market side. With the introduction of FX fee’s and the fact I need to diversify and balance my portfolio anyway I am looking at many more LSE investments (roughly 10yr holds)

Would anyone like to suggest any UK stocks to invest in for this amount of time? whats your favourite UK stocks?


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Market pretty overpriced now, depends I would say on your risk appetite.

I got my UK exposure mainly through AIM listed stocks (kinda risky) and SMT.

CERES Power when it falls to around the 1150 or lower mark should be a good buy.
TCAP is at a decent entry level right now.

SMT is popular, but when you drill down, you probably have more US that you may already hold / trying to avoid. I like the looks of CHRY sub £2. At least its holdings are more ‘uk based’.

You’ve not mentioned what your strategy is or the types of stocks you are looking to invest in.

Some preference shares are still cheap, such as RE.B, but, you know, RISK etc.

Crazy how fast things change. My average price was 235p on this and I thought it was wildly overvalued.

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Argo blockchain if you believe in bitcoin long-term

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There should be news this summer on the technology potentially being developed in China for busses and ferries. Similarly a lot of their revenue streams should start to kick in from 2024(hopefully).

I particularly like the fact their solid oxide electrolysis can use excess low cost electricity to produce hydrogen and e-fuels.

Similarly they can use these fuels to convert back to electricity at high efficiency.

“Similarly they can use these fuels to convert back to electricity at high efficiency.”

What are you counting as “high” here?

Because every step in that process is pretty damn lossy


Nicked from their website:

Fuel cells can save up to a third of a typical home’s energy bill and CO2 emissions, with almost no SOx and NOx emissions. Current efficiency of 35-40% from traditional centralised power generation can be improved to around 50% without the transmission and distribution losses that occur through the grid. Efficiency can be improved further to > 90% if a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system is used for heating water.

If the technology could be commercialised inside boilers once the home infrastructure is ready for it, that’s a huge market.

On its own, you could probably say its not very efficient, but it can be more efficient or cost effective than current power production.