Total Portfolio Returns doesnt match!

Please can someone explain to me why the below is not the same or investigate within my account as this is not making sense.

I believe the numbers should match or am I missing something:


I’d be happy to check mine for you, but I’m not exactly sure where to find all those figures. Are you using the app?

In the app, I can see the DEPOSITS and WITHDRAWALS figures under History | TRANSACTIONS, and the TOTAL DIVIDENDS figure under History | DIVIDENDS. I also see the INVESTED and RETURN figures in the PORTFOLIO section and the FREE FUNDS figure when I click the ACCOUNT VALUE figure that sits centrally at the top of the screen.

As an aside, I can also see a TOTAL RETURN figure under History | ALL. In my case it’s just over £100 but my RETURN value in the PORTFOLIO section is £1000s. Does anybody know what this number represents?

If those are the numbers you mean, then that’s:


should equal

PORTFOLIO (which is INVESTED + RETURN) + FREE FUNDS. This total is shown in the app as ACCOUNT VALUE.

As you can see, RETURN appears on both sides, so it can be eliminated:


should equal


In my case, there is a £79.81 discrepancy.

So, are we both missing something or is this a bug?

Could the missing amount be stamp duty?

If you Buy UK/French stocks there is stamp duty and such on purchase…

But isnt this already deducted in your returns tab.

There was topic on the subject before, response from T212 below.

Does that mean the discrepancy is due to unrealised stamp duty fees (fees incurred from the shares your currently holding)?

Well you know what you been purchasing, I just linked you details that stamp duty and similar are not calculated in returns.

Thanks for the clarification,

It’s still quite difficult to try and reconcile as if you done many trades finding all the stamp duty and calculating takes alot of time. Think this is an improvement which trading 212 must include as a separate tab which includes your total stamp duty costs for greater transparency

I’ve just done the calculation.

On one side:


Apart from STAMP DUTY, which I had to sum myself, all these figures are found in HISTORY.

On the other side:


For my account, the two figures were out by £0.01 (1p). I may have mistyped something but I often find slight discrepancies when I try to compare values that should match.

The RETURN figure (unrealised gains) doesn’t feature in this at all.

Hope this helps.

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differences by 0.01 are often due to rounding done to display 2 decimals while the system works with a higher precision.

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Yeah, I thought that might be the case. However, I strongly believe that all figures displayed in the UI should be consistent.

If you have a list and a total, you should be able to add all the numbers in the list and match the total.

If you have a price, a quantity and a total, you should be able to multiply the price and quantity together and match the total.

If you have two figures sitting side by side and a third figure which is clearly their total, you should be able to add the two figures together and match the total.

There are current examples of discrepancies with all the above scenarios. For example, if you look at INVESTED and RETURN, it sometimes doesn’t match PORTFOLIO. I only noticed this today and I haven’t seen it out by more than a penny yet, but it’s still inconsistent.

It drives me mad, particularly when I’m trying to analyse my portfolio in a spreadsheet and I can’t match the UI figures. I then wonder whether I’ve mistyped something or whether the problem is with the platform.

I’ve asked a couple of times for a net profit indicator. Hopefully it will be added soon. Return is gross profit.

How would calculate net profit?

Just subtract any costs like stamp duty. It will indicate on purchase what extra fees have been paid.

Plus you have to also add the Dividends on top right?

Correct. This is something that should be fairly easy for the T212 kids to arrange.

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Account value - (Deposits - Withdrawals)


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That’s fine as a total but what about if you want to know the net value for each holding? Like I said, this is an easy fix for T212 but they are reluctant for some reason.

I’m trying to make sense of this myself. It’s confusing how my deposits into my account and my re-invested returns slot into my ‘Invested’ total. The history should make this clearer but my deposits seem to be off by £125 compared to my home records. I’ll have to go through each record manually to find out where this deficit is. Much is to be done about the accounting features on the app, but it has been improving.