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Hello admin, yes all 212 of you. ( I assume that is what it means… ;-))

Ok, so now you have launched the cash ISA, I have an Invest Account, a stocks ISA account and a cash ISA account. I can find out the value of each of these by clicking on them, but it would be nice if there could be a total portfolio amount.

Thank you 212 times.


Thanks for the suggestion - we appreciate it :fist_right: :fist_left:

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Great suggestion. Will be even more important when SIPP and LISA also exist.


Great idea and I was just thinking about this the other day. Even better would be to able to see a “combined” portfolio view of all holdings across accounts with each stock as a percentage of the total holdings. If that makes sense.


ISA: £5k in stock 1, £2.5k in stock 2, £2.5k in stock 3

ISA Summary: stock 1: 50%, stock 2: 25%, stock 3: 25%, total invested: £10k

Invest account: £5k in stock 1, £5k in stock 3

GIA Summary - stock 1: 50%, stock 3: 50%, total invested: £10k

“Combined” summary:

Stock 1: 50%, stock 2: 12.5%, stock 3: 37.5%. grand total Invested £20k

*Hope no mistakes. Typed it on mobile quite fast.

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This is my biggest annoyance with Trading212.

I have a General Investment Account, S&S ISA and Cash ISA and I can’t get a quick snapshot of total values and daily movement in one screen.

It feels like a very quick easy change to make? Please please please

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