Trading 212 Crowdfunding

Hey there,

Have Trading 212 ever thought of Crowdfunding? I’d definitely be interested in investing and I’m sure loads of others would be too. We’ve seen lots of interest in investing platforms on Crowdfunding sites with Freetrade, Evarvest and BUX all completing big raises.


First of all, thank you believing in Trading 212. Crowdfunding works well for early-stage startups when they need relatively small capital (a few million) and engaged initial supporters. Trading 212 has been around for quite long and even though we’ve been reinventing the company for the last two years and we have the velocity and agility of a successful startup, we are passed the phase of crowdfunding.

Even with the PR benefits of a crowdfunding round, none of the companies that you mentioned is catching up with us, based on all publicly available metrics. The opposite is true - the distance is accelerating.

For the time being we don’t want and don’t need to get distracted with raising money. We are laser-focused on building the best possible service for trading, investing and growing wealth.