Trading 212 dobles profit in 2021

So far so good. Now, please be kind enough to tell us - when will we be able to invest in Trading 212 (the company)?

I understand that the company is profitable and does not need to raise capital unlike other fintechs, but it would be soooo nice to have a chunk of T212 in my portfolio.


I’ve asked before, they essentially said no they don’t need to. Wouldn’t get your hopes up!


Before getting too excited about the double profit, the big question is how many of the new influx of retail investors that poured in their life savings plus borrowed money would still be around after a major stock market crash.

Yes T212 has done well so far but an Everest headwind faces the industry imo


Literally no good reason to sell pieces of your profitable business when you carry no debt and have no use for the capital. As a shareholder I would consider it malpractice even!:joy:

But i feel you buddy


Haven’t heard much about anybody around here leveraging themselves to the tits, besides that tesla-guy “tesla to $1Q”.
Consumer credit facilities in Europe tend to be far more restricted than in the US, from my observations people around here prefer a more prudent approach to how they invest.

Not sure i agree on forecasting the upcoming Armageddon. :person_shrugging:

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Valid point. If you expect Everest headwinds - I’d still go long a profitable fintech and hedge the risk by shorting its non-profitable peers.


Maintaining a strong capital base, and reinvestment in useful features should see them well and keep YouTubers at bay from scaring people suggesting they are in trouble and implying indirectly that our assets may be unsafe.

There is more competition on its way - InvestEngine are free for a limited range of ETFs and goLightYear that mostly only has US stocks last I checked launched in the last year.

Competition is good!

On the plus side, we are starting to see the steady roll out of new services and more securities. The ‘pause’ on new customers for the best part of a year also seems to have worked.

Here’s a list of what might be in flight for 2022


Competition is the best thing we could hope for!
Haven’t used Lightyear or Invest engine, but Steve made a comment in their latest video about them.

Funny, he also stated that competition has made T212 worse for us. :rofl: He has a point.

Nice set of results. Reassuring

This is an incredible update tbh, can’t ask for more than that as a customer. Trading 212 U.K. making strides in stockbroking, and from that article they made very good use of their time closed to new customers to make backend improvements to their operations.


RBS savings 3.3% i believe as against 1.50 chase :wink:

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Spot on. I think RBS regular saver is one of the best places for an emergency fund. Can only top up £50 a month and still sadly below inflation…

Agree. RBS/NW allows up to £150 per month now, recent change.

Nationwide has an account that allows £200 per month, 2.5% interest but only 3 withdrawals per year.

Not great but for an emergency fund it’s better than the normal instant access rates.

I don’t bother with regular savings any more but it can be worthwhile if you’re min-maxing and drip feeding from an easy access account. The problem is that, in reality, the interest rate is lower than the headline, usually about half. Only the initial contribution is earning the full figure while future deposits earn a diminishing proportion as they will be deposited for less than 12 months.

The interest rate is correct as it should always be quoted on an annualised basis. If you only have cash in the account for 6 months, then yes you only get half.

Thanks for the heads up!