Premarket/ After hours trading


Can we trade in US equities in Pre market & after hours? @David
Or do you know any other UK platforms who does this?



You can’t buy stonks but you can trade some CFDs such as Amazon, Google, Apple etc. Usually the big stocks with enough activity. I couldn’t tell you all the stocks that are open after hours, you just notice they’re still open on the platform at like midnight.

You can trade the indices, fx and crypto’s after most trading hours are closed

Thanks all for your reply


What about a secondary market after hours? I understand this is effectively what the US Robin hood platform has. Essentially the trading is between other investors on 212 rather than directly into the market.


Sounds good mate lol 24/7 trading!!

Hi, just to ask as of now, are there any other markets to trade so that we can trade 24/7? it seems a pity to waste such amount of time…

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You can trade crypto’s 24/7. Indices and FX are open quite a bit also

thank you in late! sorry but normally I use my mobile phone and apparently there is no forum option there.

I think trading pre market and after hours would be great to max our opportunities for US markets. I believe RH intends to do this when they launch in U.K. - so would be good to see as to whether T212 could too.


Is there any update on this. I have missed a huge opportunity this morning because of this.