Trading 212 is the fastest growing stock broker in the UK

Hargreaves Lansdown, the biggest broker in the UK announced that they gained around 94,000 new customers in the four months to the end of April.

We are pleased to share that for the same period, a significantly higher number of people opened and funded Invest and ISA accounts with Trading 212 which makes us the fastest-growing share dealing service in the UK.


And now let’s get every share fractional with no minimum number of shares having to be purchased whilst getting a more upto date user friendly chart platform for all these new users. :wink:


Congrats on the rapid growth @AlexK, you guys are doing fantastic work and deserve it.

I started investing on HL in 2013 because I wanted a reputable execution only broker for trading US markets. At the time they were the best option I could find.

In recent years there has been significant changes in the industry, with increased competition giving us investors more options and an overall better experience. However I have not seen any major improvements on HL in that time, with their trading platform and fees remaining as high as ever.

I’m luckily to have found T212 and my experience as an investor has been far better since switching. Only wish I had found out about it sooner.

I just hope more people can learn about T212, realise its benefits and feel safe using it, so they dont feel compelled to use an inferior platform.


@AlexK, good news!
Can you provide the equivalent figure for T212? (New customers Jan to April 2020)

We can’t share the exact figure but in about 14 days (based on the current run rate), we’ll have to update the total number of accounts from 300,000+ to 400,000+.


Hi @AlexK,

This are all impressive numbers. All in all, it is great times to be part of this journey. I have one wish slash hope.

Please remain as interactive and transparent even when you are one of few titans in business… This is what made you great, don’t forget your roots.

Cheers! :beer:


Happy to see T212 is growing. Proud of being a member of this community


Please would you consider enabling investment clubs to open trading accounts with T 212 :thinking:

With more power / market share etc comes greater responsibility.
Please make sure you guys have the man power and the brains to scale this business up nicely without major hick-ups. Fingers crossed and best of luck !


Not too long right now I think…after when you set up limit for buy shares a lot of people will tell you buy buy :smile::smile::smile:

Hi Vedran, hopefully the implement the multi currency account…

yes i agree…unfortunately…serious imvesters need a broker to compliment 212…as many stocks are not available on 212


Only serious imvesters buy Smurfitt Kappa right?