Another media mention

Article in Telegraph today:

Trading 212 has overtaken Hargreaves Lansdown as the trading site of choice for new investors, research has shown.

Boring Money, a research firm, surveyed 6,500 investors and found nearly a quarter who began investing less than a year ago put their cash with Trading 212.

But someone did not proofread the strap line under the headline.


After reading it, I dont think they had anyone proofread or do any fact checks at all!


This IS the Telegraph we are talking about :rofl:

Just don’t read any other British news page and expect any better. LOL

It may be interesting to see the T212 user profile by portfolio size, eg the number of clients with a portfolio of less than 2000 usd / eur / gbp, and the number of those with a portfolio of more than 1m or even 10m usd (if any).

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you mean just regular users? a poll was done here a while ago…you said 10 million dollars right? personally I don’t believe anyone with 10 million dollars would be using T212, could be wrong, speak up now if you are out there.

I forgot about that poll, although I voted. I meant the official numbers from trading212.

Best we have to go off is this from over 2 months ago:

1,400,000M clients with £2.7B is £1,928 each

Split it among the 600,000 daily active users that’s £2,333 each.

So certain that the true average for actually active accounts (not just sitting there with one deposit) would be between £1,928 and £2,333. My hunch would be £1950 tbh. Lower than you’d probably expect!

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2.7B in assets under administration is a respectable number, but it would be interesting to know how many users have more than $1m or $10m in their accounts. Or they choose other brokers, like IB which has a margin category for clients with more than $200m in the account.

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With higher amounts, investors have access to customized services, like personalized and fast client support, private banking and wealth management, and to specialized financial products, that a broker normally don’t have.

The appeal of T212 is reduced fees and fractional shares, for deep pockets investors, none of that matters for them. Professional investors and HNWI value other features, like access to customized and specialized services and products, and mainly time-saving services (the more money someone have, more valued is time).

Even investors with less money prefer a simple and less-time demanding service (e.g. tax reporting), and for that they prefer to pay more fees to have less work to report taxes or pay fees to have a better management of their investments or pay fees to have access to all the financial instruments, markets and financial markets, they want to.