Trading 212 Promo Code

Hi all.

First off - Loving Trading 212.

So much so I recommended it to a friend who lives in the dark ages when buying and selling shares. Even though I told him multiple times to follow my link he joined directly on the platform :frowning:

I noticed on the app you can add a promo code? Can he add the end of my link (the bit that is unique) into the promo code box to get his free share after joining ? Does anyone know if that works? And if it doesn’t - that feature would be fantastic!


Hey there :wave:,

Yes, it will work - as long as he is using the latest iOS/Android app, and he hasn’t used a referral link already.

It is amazing (and quite revealing) how the T212 team always respond switfly to Promo queries, or other on-boarding / client growth questions but they have ignored for months now the Community about such important topics as detail Activity Statements for instance. Or Brexit updates (keep copying-pasting months old posts).

It is obvious that once you become a client the priority is elsewhere…quite dissapointing to be honest.

T212 answer swiftly to a variety of posts and topics. perhaps you just aren’t seeing many of them, but there certainly isn’t a special treatment to onboarding new clients. Many of your spotted ‘copy-paste’ posts are happening because the same question has been asked to death and the answer hasn’t changed because the circumstances have not changed.

surely you realise how many clients the limited staff have to deal with at any given time? especially for queries that require account specific information and issues demanding further time investment to solve?

Even I haven’t seen every single post and I actively try to do just that.

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@Beavis Every single client’s inquiry (regardless if its an existing or a potential client) is treated equally. What Dao suggested is accurate :

  • We refer to existing topics whenever the answer hasn’t changed yet. The information about Brexit hasn’t update either, so there isn’t much to share on our side too.
  • Requests (regardless if its a stock request, new feature, statement, etc.) are also monitored and replied when we consider that input from our side is required.

Nonetheless, if you have some doubts )and the answer isn’t present already in the community) - share them over (here or send me a DM).


Ummm. Thanks Dao for your swift response. (I guess)

Regarding the copy paste situation I would disagree with you. Almost every single other financial institution has already told their customers what they will do. So given we are less than two months from B-day I think it is reasonable for many people to wonder what T212 will do.

Regarding the other topic full statements is a basic broker feature promised by T212 many months ago. So it is normal (nearing the end of the year) to be raising that.

Many thanks