Unable to use my promo code

So when opening my account I assumed there was a time limit and hence why I couldn’t use my friend’s code.

I’ve gotten two of my friends to open account and follow instructions.

This type of link:


Takes you to a generic webpage, so I assume it is to be pasted later in the

“Use promo code”

option in the settings.

Using both:




Yields invalid code. Is this process different or as m I missing something?

The referral link and a promo code are seperate things and not linked in any way. There are no active promotion codes at the moment afaik.

To use the referral link, one just has to click the link and signup, then deposit funds.

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I see.

When I clicked on my own link there was nothing in the URL that would show this sign up originated from me nor anything displayed on the page. It seemed to be same as if I signed up after googling trading 212 without a refferal altogether or at least nothing to indicate it.

Then do either of the parties get notified of it?

Thanks for clarification

Yeah there is nothing to indicate you are using a referral link. Needs to be rectified imo. You will be notified when you recieve a free share that’s all. Ususally takes 1-2 days.

I helped my mom set up her account and can tell you for a fact there is an indicator when you use the referral link.

the page that loads is the homepage however it comes with an additional message at the top of the page telling you the link was applied and accepted then guides you to finish the signup.


Silly question. Does it work if you follow link sent via whatsapp and install app from appstore or has to be set up on a website first?

I don’t think it does, I tried it that way at the time and it never worked for me

there are issues with deep-links being broken when trying to use the referral URLs on mobile devices. I recommend doing it on PC so that there is nothing interfering with the process. PC is 100% to get from URL to the invite message on homepage for signup, while mobile devices are a bit 50-50 citing “ad-blockers” and stuff as possible causes, even if you don’t have any.

no-one has been able to say for certain why doing it via mobile appstore works for some and throws errors for others.

More like 99/1 :slightly_smiling_face:


well, not in cases of 50 success to 50 fails, more like: it’ll work… or perhaps not xD

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We honour thousands of referrals every day. Only 10-20 per day fail to associate due to ad blocking or the ‘Limit ad tracking’ option being enabled on mobile. The problematic ones we review manually and people still get their shares :slight_smile:

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Shame, I messaged the live chat at the time and never got my free share after it not working. Probably should have messaged someone on the forum

Just sign up. There’s no such thing as a free share haha! I didn’t get mine anyway!

@medicii1 Feel free to reach our team at info@trading212.com, and we’ll check this further.

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I heard that only people on special Countries can get free share is that correct?

@Gbr Currently, the promotion is available in The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria or The Netherlands.

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Hi @Tony.V, do you plan on extending this promotion to other European countries with large potential markets such as Spain or Italy?
If so is there a rough time-frame? (Objective)

@Tony.V, I see that Italy is now included in the list. An update from your last message, a week ago.
Are we expecting to see Spain anytime soon?

That looks like an outdated link, though. The actual information is present here.

At the moment, we don’t plan to expand further the promotion. We will notify you when further updates are about to come.

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Okay, a pity.
Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: