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People may be interested to check out this positive review published today. I think it contains an error. There is no inactivity fee, right?


True that - no inactivity fee whatsoever. :x:


Can I confirm that the inactivity fee is only for CFDs and not Invest and ISA account?

@cezar An inactivity fee is not applied to any of our trading accounts, including CFD.

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@Tony.V thanks for confirming

definitely best to contact TechRadar and have them update the information to be accurate. as these sorts of reviews live forever and will be found years from now, we don’t need people getting confused and put-off from joining.


I sent a tweet yesterday. But no reply

@jdsoni7 I read your @TechRadarPro review of @Trading212.

Very fair and comprehensive, matching my experience as a customer. However, you got one thing wrong. Trading 212 have no inactivity fees whatsoever.


@Tony.V I have had a reply from the author of the review. He quotes to me from

13.7. An inactivity fee may become payable by You in case there are no generated transactions on your Account for a period of at least six consecutive months (180 days) and is due to the fact that Trading 212 services are continually provided to You for trading in CFDs, regardless of your actual use.

It is hard to berate him for inaccurately reporting if he is quoting directly from your published material. Is this something you need to fix? Where on Trading 212 web pages does it clearly say that there are no inactivity fees? Does 13.7 exist to reserve your right to introduce inactivity fees in the future, or perhaps it is a hangover from past practice and should now be deleted? Is 13.7 intended only for CFD accounts?

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That’s right, the information is still present in our terms, but the reporter didn’t read carefully - if there was going to be such fee, then it was going to be published on this page as per the following paragraph:

13.8. The inactivity fee is published on “Terms and Commissions” available at our Website and is charged at the end of each 6 month period of inactivity. You agree that You are liable to and will pay this inactivity fee when it is due and that we may deduct the latter from any funds held by us on your behalf.

So since we don’t have it there, logically we don’t apply it. Otherwise, this was going to be a severe breach. If you consider it appropriate, you can share all this with him.

To be on the same page: the inactivity fee was present over a year ago. Its goal wasn’t to just collect some funds - we have enough, trust me. Instead, we had some inactive accounts with residual balance - like £0.76, $1,20, etc. We can’t just take them out from the accounts, nor were the clients cooperative (although we first tried to reach every single one of them). That’s why we introduced the fee above. Later on, we removed it from Trading conditions, and everything was back to normal.

We didn’t remove it from the contract because such changes require a 14-day notice and usually the effect is negative - the clients start to wonder “Oh, so you have inactivity fee?”, although they were never charged with such. :smiley:

Nevertheless, at some point we will remove it from the agreement, just to avoid such confusion. :pushpin:


That’s understandable. It’s frustrating that you are stuck with this appearing in the contract.