Trading 212's approach to adding new stock

Hate to be critical of the platform because it’s great in so many ways, but there seems to be a tendency to add highly speculative silly stocks guaranteed to lose most people all their money and make 1 or people quite wealthy, while the platform still lacks some basic companies. I can understand that the name of the game is making money by selling peoples data to comabies like Citadel to exploit us but have some decency.


That’s not our “game”. :slight_smile:


The business model in Invest/ISA lies in securities lending not selling user data as Robinhood for example does. More and more companies are being added so if you see one you really want just make a request for it. There’s just a lot of demand for those speculative companies, just look at the amount of nkla, tsla, space and IPO posts and if you look at the companies added lists there’re also a lot of ‘normal’ companies in there.

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Most of stock addition is based on demand. So you get answer on what typical consumers demand.

Low risk, get rich overnight , to the :new_moon: :trolleybus:

Especially those 2x/3x YOLO ETPs.

I don’t agree with priority of hype, but hey I am 1 , there is 1000’s who think other way.


Can you add the Stock Siemens Healthineers. Thus Stock ist Part of MDAX.

George, Thats good to know & hope it stays that way. You have a great service & with Robinhood suspending their UK launch, a great opportunity to improve without the distraction & noise of them. Though do believe in healthy competition, it helps us all improve.

For stock & ETF request am bit disappointed they are happening so slowly. Is it a manpower issue or is it a cost issue? Or simply bad choices by us? All mine are not exotic, it would be good to know whats happening.



What is the process for adding a new stock?

I have no idea what actually happens between the t212 front end and the actual market.

Does t212 have to make deals with brokerages etc in order to add a new stock or do they act as the mm themselves?

Trading 212 uses interactive brokers as the broker. As for what has to go on at their end for new stocks I wouldn’t know