Trading AIM100 stocks

From experience how long do AIM100 buys take to transact? I added a company to my pie but it’s not executed the trade due to low liquidity…

This needs to be Resolved 2 days try to sell PHE.

The chart no even updated.

Can someone act on this.

Not sure it’s 212s fault… I removed the stock from my pie and tried to purchase the stock independently of the pie…was just curious on average transaction times that’s all

Depends on the trading volume. Some like BOO and GGP trade quite fast. Others like KOD may never sell if there’s never a buyer 🤷

Unlikely to have been any movement on the stock rather than not updated. T212 can’t do anything if there’s no buyers, this is the risk of aim.

Interestingly I tried to sell a stock in Invest and buy it at the same time in my isa and that didn’t work either.

It took 3 weeks for my position in KOD to sell, depends on the stock

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