Trading Success Stories

Hi all,

Thought it’d be good to hear some success stories from the Trading 212 community. Primarily as motivation for others to keep learning and keep trading. Ideally net position and how long it’s taken to get there.

To kick things off, I’ll share mine as a complete beginner having only traded for a month (NO CFD).

Initial investment = £600 Profit to date = +£96.79

Good luck to everyone with their future investments!


I made a few hundred from inverse ETFs. These go up when the market is crashing.

These ones to be exact. They’re not as lucrative now because the crash has slowed a bit. But it was fun last month.

Now CFDs are a totally different story. I’ve lost a few hundred in those too. So current profit from my time on Trading212: £0 :slight_smile:

I’d like to hear some CFD success stories if they exist.


I think best cfd story, is the one where you click Invest/ISA account and never look back :slight_smile:


What makes you say this Vedran? Yes lots of people lose money on them but that’s more than likely due to inexperience, insufficient research or not sticking with their chosen strategy. If you get it right it can be a big success

Portfolio as of April 16 2020 having been on T212 invest for ~1month.

Strategy: ETFs - notably VWRL, SMT, on another platform so not part of this picture (down ~£50). Trading212 Invest have my custom going forward now that I’ve dipped my toe into complimentary some stockpicking. I consider myself a long term investor (not a trader) but will flip a stock if the opportunity presents itself.

So below: riding my luck tbh last week bought Tesla at ~$619 and Shopify ~$497 despite them being way above where I wanted to get in. I have a much larger watchlist than 4 stocks and look forward to AutoInvest to curate my own Pies :pie:

Note: these are currently green but I did trim the reds such as Raytheon Tech and the inverse S&P500 Instrument.

Great return for a month. What have you invested in?


Bulk of that has been from Netflix - I got in at $308.85 :smiley:

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Awesome :tv: I sold Netflix 10 March :sob: left a lot of money on the table given its price today but you must be happy.

Edit: executed a Tesla cream today - limit sold at $750 (yesterday noticed it went just above this amount so inferred it would today), then bought back in pretty much at the low after my sell. My smartest day trade, pocketed $15 to reinvest elsewhere.

Would be good to see other stories?


Oooooooh nice work!!

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I’ve been shorting indices using CFDs rather than using inverse ETF trackers (because last time I looked they weren’t there…must’ve been a while ago), also some equities (eg Carnival cruises, NMC Healthcare & Luckin Coffee) which has made me a nice profit. Following people like Muddy Waters on twitter and keeping an eye on short positions held by institutional investors - especially on NASDAQ (freely available info - don’t want to advertise sites on here though as against the rules) - plus reacting to general sentiment for companies from the (general) news.

Just my simple ETF Buy’n’Hold Approach.

£250 - £280 up.

Less than 1 month progress, buying in on the dips.


What made you choose the iShares FTSE 100 as opposed to the Vanguard one? I’ve not looked into it in much detail yet


Nothing worth noting really, just looked good on paper.

VUKE Vanguard FTSE 100 UCITS ETF Distributing GBP 2,573 0.09%
ISF iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (Dist) GBP 7,140 0.07%

As you can see, both very similar.
Ishares is a bigger fund by assets under management, with a lower yearly % fee.
Year on year, same results.
Also more average volume traded historically on Ishares one.

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I started trading 3 weeks ago with 1000,-, with virtually no experience with leveraged trading.
The first week I tried some crypto currency is but was down by 250 at the end of the week…really frustrating.
The second week I switched to Gold, Silver, AMD, TESLA, APPLE. I made about 10 trades a day. By the end of the week I was able to gain my previous week’ losses back!
The 3rd week was focused mostly on Silver. Tip: Gold prices tend to move a fraction sooner than Silver, which helps on determining a buy or sell signal. I was up nearly 450,- by Thursday, but gave up 175- on Friday with the sudden coolness in the market.
I ended the 3 weeks with 1270,- in the account.

My success story, I’m not bankrupt yet.

Living off pot noodles and rustler burgers to feed my habit. It’s ok though, I’ll make it big.

Beats the virtual football and roulette, could never crack that…swear it was fixed. Every time I bet on Merseyside red they would lose…


Now you stopped they won the league

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Basically short what I go long and your quids in.

Luckily for me I can still access T212 from my tent using my smart phone, who’d have thought.

Hoping you all gain massive gains when the Market is up and running again. :smiley:

Still very new to this as I am a week old member. Currently down £5 (bought American Airlines which could or could not work out for me), bad day in the UK markets at the moment but long term I hope these companies do very well. Have shares in B&M, National Express, Countryside Properties (REIT) as well as MITIE, ITV and Cineworld.

Overall I am happy nothing has done down significantly

Good luck!

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