Trading with this instrument is suspended

I’m on the Practice account, and trying to close a “buy” position I have in Zoom (ZM) stock. Any time I try to close it says “Trading with this instrument is suspended”. The market is currently “Open”.

What is causing this? And can this also happen in the “real money” account?

@pipo US stocks are currently in pre-market trading. This is an extended trading session that’s usually pretty low in liquidity - meaning that quotes are rare & execution might be a bit choppy.

When trading CFDs, if there are no quotes in the last 5 minutes, trading is suspended until there’s a new quote.
With equity trading, that’s not the case. The order will be accepted no matter how long ago the last quote was received.

Ok thanks. Since I’m a newbie, better to trade during open hours. I can see how pre-market could get a bit confusing.