Trading212 Banking License in Germany

Dear T212 team,

I am a tax resident in Germany.
I read rumors around the internet, that T212 is in the process of receiving a banking license for Germany.

Do you have some confirmation or further news regarding this?

More you read about German tax processes with regard to the capital gains, more complex it looks. I believe if the above rumor turns out to be true, this would reduce lot of extra work from T212 users from Germany with regard to handling taxes.

Thank you!


Where did you read these rumours?

Reddit :slight_smile:
Hence a rumor …

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There is a t212 community, but rumours come from reddit.

Sounds legit. :thinking:

I am also from Germany and I will know, if T212 will work on a banking/bafin license for german.

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@Team212 @Tony.V Can please someone from T212 answer me my question from above?