Trading212 - HELP/FIX? [Resolved]

Hello. I recently brought in on the trend ‘GME’ stock. I sold it when it crashed and now my account is negative. Does anyone understand why?

App View:

This is my account from the Website view:

I don’t think your account is negative it still has £469.00 in it, you just lost the £17 on that stock you sold! Question is why did you sell?! GME stockers are meant to have diamond hands!! Lol :joy:

I’m new to trading. I want to try this GME hype but I’m defiantly going to go long term investing - I’m confused on why my portfolio is negative. I thought T212 had a Negative Balance Protection policy?


On a second look it doesn’t look like your stock is sold? Maybe it’s still waiting in order to sell, hence the negative £17 on your portfolio but you still have free funds in your account to buy what ever stock you want to

Definately looks like a bug of some sort.

This is the Instrument itself - Even when I sell it says that it’s current processing but however there isn’t any type of processing orders pending? Very confusing. Also it allows me to invest into stocks still

I’ve emailed them but still no response. I just don’t want my account to be in negative thousands haha - Any advice on how to get it resolved? Thanks

Also, I replied to Wayne2222 with some more pictures if you’d like to check them out!

Yeah the sale is still waiting to be processed, I think due to the demand in trades on that particular stock, The markets are closed now till Monday! Your remaining funds are fine, it might even sell in a profit! Who knows! Good luck!

There is definately negative balance protection don’t worry. That is a legal thing. As to customer service response, I think they might be quite busy right now, might take them a little bit to get toy you. Market was crazy last couple of days as I’m sure you’re aware.

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If you scroll down more on the stock you should see a bar that says the stock is a pending sale! That’s why that message keeps popping up, you just have to wait till the sell order goes through that’s all

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There isn’t anything called 'stock is a pending sale

Markets closed for the weekend and will open on Monday (14:30 for American Markets)
You arent in negative territory you’ve lost money on that share, its worth less than when you bought it. T212 does not protect you from losing money on a share.
As said above when the sale goes through on Monday you may end up taking a profit

Hello - Just tried selling my GME stop and still getting the same message on the right image’.


We’re looking at it. We’ll notify you via email once it’s resolved.

Thank you Tony.V.

Appreciate it.

Hello Tony.

This is still not resolved. Can you assist further?