T212 Charges or why negative balance?

Hi All, I have using T212 for over a month now, enjoy the experience so far but I notice on some stocks that once you buy it, the sell price is lower then the actual market price but on some occasions the stock price is high then the sell price and well above the point when I bought the stock but my balance is still in negative, can anyone explain why this is?

I have also attached a few screen shots as well to give you an idea.

Check the Spread, the difference between Buy and Sell

The second screenshot shows that it is currency impact. If you’ve got a non-GBP account then any change in the gbp exchange rate will impact your returns.

where do i check the spread before buying the stock?

Scroll down to Instrument Details.

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cheers red, I can see the fx impact but even the gain / loss is in negative while the market price of the stock is 1.216 while I bought the stock at 1.200 and the sell price below is 1.216 as well?

Its not massive difference but I want to understand this before buying a bigger amount.

I suspect on amounts of 1p or 3p it is just a decimal place issue (or rounding) ie the actual price is to 4 or 6 decimal places but what you see is only to 2 decimal places in the summaries.

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Sometimes the app pnl display seems to lag for me also. Annoying but I don’t pay much attention to it, price feed / pnl doesn’t affect what you get when you actually execute the trade.