Trading212 - how are my shares secured?

I have a question about the security of Trading212:
Assuming Trading212 goes bankrupt, which hopefully seems very unlikely, how exactly am I secured?

Do my securities fall under the deposit protection or are they my property and are stored separately from Trading212 in a custodian bank in the corresponding depositories in Germany and abroad?
Normally the securities belong to me.

The deposit protection up to 85000 pounds only applies to my money in the clearing account, not to the securities I hold.

Many Thanks.

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@Dividendenfreunde The 85K applies to funds & securities.

What happens if the investment is >ÂŁ80,000. In that case will the amount is capped at ÂŁ80k from FSCS?

okay I understand. so my stocks are also covered. I don’t quite understand the reason, however, since the shares are my property anyway and are deposited at a depository? Where are my shares stored / kept?

Recently I received the message that Trading212 is lending my shares to others, does this have an influence?

Have you read the terms and conditions? Your shares are registered under a nominee company, sub custodian or by T212 directly with you as the beneficial owner.

Your assets are also covered in the event that information relating to them isn’t complete (as one example), or if any held by 212 directly are used in insolvency. The cover also covers any administrative fees required to manage the company during that time and any fees relating to handling your assets.

As per the details provided in the website, the stocks are held by “Interactive Brokers”.

That doesn’t make them the owner or nominee. Best to read the terms and conditions

I’ve searched online and i’ve seen this. I thought all the investors are covered up until 85k not just the people from UK and Germany…