Trading212 T&C safety

Hey everyone,
simply said - could someone unbiased tell me why we shouldn’t worry about issues mentioned in the article?
Link - Is Trading212 safe?

Thank you

does it even mention any real issues? all I can see is someone quoting portions of the terms they don’t understand. so no I wouldn’t treat the article with any importance.

Additionally, the ‘article’ is outdated as the T&Cs had been revised. Instead of reading that ‘article’ just read the current T&Cs and the topics that address what things mean.

the article writer doesn’t like 3rd parties for some reason, despite there not being any issues with them and such 3rd parties are what protect your assets.

I don’t quite understand his issue with 3rd parties?

Is he honestly expecting t212 to vertically integrate every level of the financial industry?

He’s mqinly complaining that t212 haven’t established thier own in house bank for much of it.

Ita. Bit like buying a nice new car and complaining the tyres are michelin not ford