Confidence Statement (Please tag T212 people here)

Given all the shit that’s going down, it might be worthwhile issuing a statement that T212 is profitable and is not facing liquidity issues etc, ensuring investor confidence - money/assets are safe held with a custodian/FCA regulated, FSCS protection etc etc.
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Please tag the people at T212.

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Have you not read the terms and conditions?

If anything, T212 has too much success and is encountering difficulties to manage the constant stream of new customers. Relax, nobody is gonna lose or steal your money. Not gonna happen :+1:


I think @Cashurkash @Enlil have misunderstood me.

I can assure you I was completed unaffected by all this shit, I am concerned about other people on the platform. The fact is that if all people started investing like me (buy and hold) Wall Street would lose 70% of the revenue overnight - T212 is free because the people who help T212 earn money (and hence allow them to offer 0 commissions) are those who use CFD and trade often.

If these frequent traders leave, it affects everyone.
The point I am trying to make is that T212 needs to be more proactive in its approach and customer service.

I can assure you I have been doing this a very long time. And I can confidently say what I know what I am doing.
The ‘value investor’ mindset means to save on every small cost you can, and that’s why I am on T212, for the 0 commissions.

I never said you were affected by it I was just saying that the info you requested is readily available in the T&Cs

Too bad you still don’t get my point.

I am pretty sure the traffic on this community would be 99% less if:

  1. People knew what they were doing.
  2. If they read T&Cs

I do get your point lol I believe you dont get mine where I was just pointing out that what you asked for is publicly available.

Do we really need to be taking support away from keeping the place open and operational? I’ve read them myself as I want to know what securities I have with my money as I learned the hard way in the past and lost everything.

The terms and conditions won’t explain certain things to people and the community forum having 99% less traffic? I dont believe that for a second here’s why, its a social media platform where a collective of people having the mindsets as yourself to make money and learn. This puts facebook to shame in my opinion

Yes, I am sure 1 person from compliance, customer relations, and marketing involved with ensuring the customers (who generate most revenue) are relieved will be a massive waste of human resource.

Long $FB is all I am going to say without going off on a tangent.

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Having worked in all 3 of these positions I can assure you that its hard to fathom the work that goes on behind the scenes and, unfortunately, accompanying a lot of angry members that are frustrated, confused, annoyed etc etc

Couple that with Covid restrictions and people working from home, more users on trading, more users submitting tickets as not in work themselves so more free time, the tickets that are already in the system being answered, follow up on these, sorting issues out etc etc etc it all just adds to the already heavy workload they are facing.

Compliance will work with tickets and issues brought to their attention, customer relations are the support staff dealing with everything thats going on and marketing? Cheaper to pay a company to do that for you

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I think you will find answers on this thread.

In particular post 19.