TradingView + T212

Are T212’s charts behind or ahead 's charts?
(I haven’t been able to figure this out.)

Can I look at TradingView’s charts and make orders without considering T212’s charts?
Or can I look at TradingView’s charts and then wait for the T212’s charts to catch up and then order?
Or are T212’s charts ahead of TradingView’s free/pro plan charts?

I’d love if I was able to consult TV’s charts and then come to T212 and put my order through.

They are showing two different things.

TradingView shows trades as in what someone actually paid or received (you can toggle on the current ASK/BID lines on desktop)

T212 shows the ASK and plots that in Invest/ISA (and the current best BID). In CFD you can switch between buy or sell plotted.

T212 is live data too, and some Tradingview charts have a delay of up to 15mins depending on what data package you have.

Here’s an example with the D for Delayed

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This is so very helpful! Thank you very much, Dawson!
So you’re on T212 but you consult TradingView?

Yeah TradingView is very useful. I tend to use more outside of trading hours these days which sounds odd. It’s charting blows T212s out the water.

I also use ADVFN for trade information.

For US stocks I actually use WeBull as that has LV2 and the tape, and many more goodies. Unfortunately you can’t trade in the UK yet just watch.

:crossed_fingers: Hopefully one day we might get it.

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