TradingView Integration

It would be great to have Trading 212 connected to Tradingview via the API.

While what you guys are doing is great and everything from customer service, to transparency, the general company ethos and execution is commendable, the platform falls short in an uncountable number of ways in comparison to the flexibility, options, charting innovations, stock and custom indicator package and community atmosphere that is available through Tradingview.

I traded with you for a short little while, but I could not overcome the rigidity of the charting package; thus only used you to execute, while performing my analysis on Tradingview, in particular with Renko and a combination of other indicators which are completely missing from your current package.

I ultimately withdrew from your platform and moved to Forex . com due to their 1-click-solution integration with Tradingview.

My issue however is that doesn’t offer as many CFDs as I’d like and for this I’m coming back to your platform again, but only for execution.

I implore you to try Tradingview’s charting package to get an objective picture of how far behind what you’re currently offering really is, and I say this with every respect, and hope that you will either consider porting their charts directly into your charting package; so you can still keep everything within your own domain, without having your customers leave your website (much like forex . com has an option to use Tradingview’s charts within their website, without leaving if the client chooses to do this instead of executing AND trading directly in Tradingview . com) or simply provide API integration to Tradingview, OR, and this is a tall order, create a charting package which is equal to and offers no less options and flexibility than Tradingview.

I strongly feel, this is currently a very significant weakness in your overall offer, which is otherwise admirable as a whole.

You’ve always been very transparent with your replies, Ivan.
May I inquire exactly as to why you seem hesitant to integrate with Tradingview, knowing how much it will increase the quality of your customer’s experience?

Is it financially motivated? I’m certain it’s not a technical problem.

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While I agree this would be nice to on offer, personally I can’t see it being a deal-breaker.
I just have multiple tabs open and this solves the issues fine.

They are going to be adding to their own charting services and are incorporating new features and requests.

I think there is certainly some way to progress on the charting system, but I couldn’t even attempt to think of the challenge it must be to program the GUI and interface to run seamlessly, it must be a headache.

For now, I’d just keep a few tabs open and try make the best of it.

I agree with @PHOENIX here. The charts need a lot of optimization and new features, I hope to see some progress in that department.


Me too, completely agree with @PHOENIX here. I end up doing my analysis on other platorms and only use T212 for execution. The charts need improvements and adding of new features and indicators.


Couldn’t agree more on this topic.


Same. Using TradingView for analysis with paid account.


Same. I’m also on a pro package with them. Money that I’d otherwise gladly pay to 212 if they integrated on-site, though I’d prefer to simple use the API to execute directly from TV off-site.

While we understand that our charting tools are lagging behind the leading dedicated packages on the market, we don’t believe in integrating third-party products into our platform.

At one point we will prioritise the further development of our charing tool but unfortunately it is not on focus at the moment.

There will be a great surprise for the quantitive traders but it will come from another direction - the next stage in the development of ProQuant. There’s only so much one can do with even the best charting tool in the world. Data and algorithms can get you much, much further and this is how most money is managed these days.


Hoping you will reconsider integration with tradingview to be able to make orders from tradingview.

That sounded badass
About that - will T212 incorporate Proquant into it’s platform, develop it’s own version, or am I to understand that you’re simply suggest we should download and use Proquant ?