Trailing Stop Loss

Are there any plans to add a trailing stop loss feature for shares?


Would be awesome to have
To anyone wondering: trailing stop losses are stop loss orders that follow upward and still get triggered in case of a downward trend. So one could set an order as a safe guard to ensure profits are taken if an instruments value declines too hard


We have plans to add additional types of orders but we’re not clear on a deadline yet. There are a lot of other priorities for the 1st half of the yeat.


Any news on this update?

@hubble2bubble To be honest, we haven’t had the time to even discuss this yet, we’re prioritizing some new game-changing features.
We’ll revisit this in a few months.

I’d also like this option on ISA. When a stock reaches my target price I don’t necessarily want to sell as it may increase further. I’d rather set a trailing stop to allow it to continue to climb knowing that if it drops it will hit my TS.