Options, Trailing Stop Loss & Warrants

Hi There,
Looking at the forum I have seen discussion w.r.t. Options, Warrants and Trailing stop loss feature access - but little recent clear news. Can T212 advise whether Options and/or Warrants are something T212 have potential to add in the future (and are considering), and likewise whether Intro of a Trailing Stop Loss feature is work in progress / highly likely future feature. If a no to all (or all impossible short term), then confirmation of this would be great - if all possible, but not any time soon - this again is useful to know. Thanks in advance T212 for you time / candid feedback.

Hey @Jondcfc :wave:

While supporting warrants is not within our immediate plans, it’s something we’ll be considering for the future.

Trailing Stop Loss & Option trading, on the other hand, have previously been discussed in other topics in the forum and in fact, you can find the exact posts in question below :point_down:

As always, we’ll keep you posted as things progress further!