Transfer shares from other broker into Invest account

Hello, I have an account with a different broker abroad where I own some shares. Is it possible to move these shares into my T212 Invest account?

Nope as T212 is not supporting move of shares yet.

Just add money on your Invest account and set a limit buy order exact same price with the limit sell order you are using on the other broker and magic done(you will have to pay the sell commission on the other broker which is annoying I guess).

Have you found this strategy works reliably? How do you choose the common price for the two limit orders? Seems like the most likely thing is that one order will execute and the other not, possibly leaving you hanging while the price moves against you.

My strategy is make a market sell with broker A, see what price I get. Go to broker B, see what is the offer price. Then decide to take that offer price (if it less than I got from A) or wait for price to drop - but waiting has only 50% chance to work, so maybe better just to accept the offer price, even if it means a small loss per share.

Implementation of these methods requires a cash float. It is not practical if the position you are trying to move is greater than your free cash. In specie transfer does not require a cash float.

Do we know if there are any plans at all to implement a feature like this?
Transfering your shares from T212 out of T212 or viceversa?

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See here,