Transfer to and from Trading212

Hello everyone,

I use a few broker to structure my shares.
I had my investment beginning with Trading212 and now I want to transfer from and to Trading212 to structure those shares too.

But the customer service via chat can’t offer me a solution or time frame.

Maybe someone here can help me or bring the project forward.

Thanks and kind regards

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What does it mean to “structure my shares”? Never heard the term.


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You want this thread:

The short is that T212 offer their services by piggy backing from Interactive broker, and as far as I understand, there has been some bumps discovered in the testing stage. That’s why support can’t help you further.

If you follow the thread, hopefully you’ll get an update when they’re testing again.

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I thought they would never agree because neither IBKR nor t212 wants to lose clients, but the fact that they are testing is a big step forward.


I have a portfolio for dividends, a growth portfolio and a bluechip / „safety“ portfolio


Not that what I was up to hear but thanks

In my opinion T212 will loose clients when they don’t offer transfers

The missing function is a reason for me to sell all shares and buy them again with an other broker.
I still use T212 but I don’t deposit any further money because of the missing function.

Also T212 will be more trustable for some people if they can transfer shares (told by friends who don’t want to use T212)

In Germany every broker, also broker which are comparable to T212, offers in and out transfers while a order is free or costs 0.99€.

How does it help to have these with different brokers? Surely it is just a spreadsheet exercise. If you wish a quick glance way of seeing how each subset of investments is doing you could make pies for dividend, growth and blue chip.


I thought about transferring shares because of the low interest that ibkr gave (1.80%) on the margin loan. Although I probably wouldn’t use it, it’s nice to have that option. T212 does not offer margin but CFD, which is different and less affordable. IBKR offers options trading, also not sure if I would use them but it’s also nice to have that option. In both cases, I need shares as collateral. Otherwise, there is no point in switching stocks, t212 offers free trading, and although IBKR lowered the prices it is still more expensive than T212.

If anyone knows any other reason, feel free to mention it. I believe there should be no difference in order fulfilment.

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Beware of Payment for order flow. My German friends don’t use the local neobrokers because they sell 100% of their orders to shady internalisers like LS Exchange - and you can’t tell at what fx rate you have bought Apple or Tesla with your EUR.

There’s a reason why PFOF has been banned in the UK for 10 years now. It will possibly be banned in the EU soon too. So you will have to change brokers again.


Yes that’s true.
I have the choice between 0.99€ to trade via gettex or I pay 3,99€ + 0,01% of the volume to trade via Xetra.
Maybe I just didn’t saw it but with t212 I don’t have the choice of exchange.

But no one of the Neobrokers is my main broker.
I just thought they are comparable to T212 and they are all offering in and out transfers.

I don´t want to start a fundamental comparison about the pro and cons of Neobroker, t212 and traditional broker.

I just missing this feature and hope that this function will be implemented soon.

Some of them work with share loans or options.
(Of course not for dividends but for higher risk investments)

And this is something I can’t or don’t want to manage with a spreadsheet.

You are missing the point. You don’t first choose a stock and then on the exchange to buy it from.
You can choose from a stock listed on NASDAQ, XETRA, or another exchange. (for example, Tesla is available on several exchanges).
But by default, you buy it on the NASDAQ.

With Gettex you buy it from an internaliser.

Thanks for the hint.
Just saw it right now :slight_smile:

But nevertheless I would like to have the feature…
For me it is standard to have the possibility of in and out transfer of complete shares.
CFDs or fractional shares don’t matter.


Shouldn’t be too long now till this feature goes live. IBKR seem fairly incompetent from a tech standpoint, but they’ve been working on this for ages.


Does anyone know something new related to this feature (in- and out transfer)?

I can’t understand why it takes so lang and why it should be that difficult… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Something new here related to the topic?
But I think no …

Nothing new as of now - you can find the latest update on the topic here :point_down:

Due to the repetitive nature of the topic, we’ll be closing this one. If you have any questions or want to check for an update, please refer to this thread :pray: