Trying to figure out ETF pricing and commissions on diffrent brooker helps needed!!

Hi there everyone,
sorry to annoy you, I’m kinda new to this…
I’m planning to start a PAC with some saving on ETF, was looking for something tracking the MSCI World. I don’t have a huge sum so I’ll e dumping on it about 100E a month to begin with.
After this consideration I started looking around for a competitive online broker since here I Italy banks’ rate and fees are pretty high… Could anyone of you tell me if this platform is right for me? I’ve seen the “free offer” of other brokers on selected ETF but those are only true if you invest more than 1000E other way you’ll have to pay the commissions. Is there any other small investor here who is facing the my same doubt?

No fees on T212 for buying or selling, for the entire universe of stocks, ETFs and ETPs.

No fees for withdrawing money.
On deposit, instant deposit methods are free up to 2000€, then a 0.7% fee is applied.
SEPA bank transfer are always free.

When buying/selling in a foreign currency, a 0.15% fee is applied to cover the FX transaction costs. No FX fee when receiving a dividend.

No account maintenance fee, monthly payment, or inactivity fee.


Thx!! Another question am I allowed to send Dollars to my EU account to buy American Stocks/ETF? Aka is it multicurrency or I can only send my local currency to my account?

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe in the case of SEPA transfers these have to be settled in the receiving currency.
Sending USD to a EUR or GBP account will get the funds returned. Might even be a banking fee.

The instant deposit methods available to you should all be able to process the currency change automatically, but you may be getting an unfair price/fee in the process, depending on who is doing the conversion (for example, the Credit Card network, or the issuing bank).