New user: info request

Hello, I’m a new user.
Kindly give me a few infos:

  • are the new accounts somehow limited in the amount to invest? For istance, I remember that some online brokers require new user to invest max 2000 Euros;

  • is the FCS protection available only for british citizens or does it also protect EU citizens?

Thank you,
best regards

Hey :wave:,

  1. No limitations whatsoever.
  2. I believe that the following thread will help you further.

Thank you very much.
I have another question: If I send trading212 some money and I then I decide not to invest, when I withdraw them do I get the exact same amount or do you charge any commission/fee/cost?
I’m following an ETF tied to the oil market and I would like to invest as soon (or if) the marker move in a certain direction…to have the fund already in trading212 would allow me to me to act quicker.

You can find their fees here:

thank you. from this one it seems that if I deposit 1000 €, I not invest them and I withdraw the full deposit I get 1000 € back, can you please confirm?

No fees from t212 side at all.

Only fees possible from 3rd party, ie bank transfer fee, FX exchange if you use EUR T212 acc, but use different currency to fund.

So in general if funding via Card EUR- EUR , then if you fund 1000e, you will get 1000e out.

thank you very much Vedran!