Turn off fx impact

Is it possible to turn this off? If not, can it be made so that we can?

This way we’d be able to see a ‘real profits and loss’ on the portfolio. FX impact is pretty irrelevant for buy & hold investors.

Surely it’s just as relevant for ‘buy and hold’?

Still impacting the value of your investment whether that’s tomorrow or a decade…


Fine, yes. So I’d like to know in a decade, not everyday :wink:

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I’m responding to my own thread here but, …

Couldn’t the fx impact simply be an of/off toggle function in the Settings > Trading Preferences, for example? Then users could easily choose to turn it off and on at will.

You don’t have to check the FX impact. You need to tap on your return to check it. Don’t tap it.

There is no way they’ll remove it! The amount of people complaining about fx when we didn’t have it was like 5 posts a day. They added the fx imapct toggle and the posts went away overnight.

I also remember the staff saying that the little toggle is being used a lot by users, so that’s another reason they won’t remove it.

I guess they could hide it via the settings, if enough people want it. But as others suggested, just toggle it off and don’t touch it ever again. Same thing as having the option in the settings.

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No, that doesn’t work. That does not reflect the actual movement of the asset. See below:

I see I’m deep in red…

…But I’ve actually made a small gain whereas a quick glance show a big loss.

Yes, a toggle is what I’d like to see. Then I can turn it off an on when I need to consider the fx impact - i.e. when I’m looking to sell.

Turning off the FX impact visibility will not turn FX impact aka if you mean it will show just pure capital appreciation, if stock is in foreign currency the FX will be always part of price. Recently just made visible so people know what amount is due to FX what is due to capital appreciation.

What you are asking is part of multicurrency account where you could keep investments in same currency avoiding FX.

However T212 never had option to ignore FX just show capital gains if investment is in foreign currency. It was just not visible and calculated in the gains/result.

Hmm. I’m not talking about avoiding fx impact - I know that’s unavoidable.

Perhaps the issue is multicurrencies here?

I also trade on eToro and Revolut. At the start, I convert money into USD. That’s the only currency I then trade in. Therefore, I can see exactly (in USD) what my actual gain or loss is on any particular holding. I really don’t care about the fx impact until I want to withdraw my profits into a bank account. Why do I need to see most of my holdings in red because the dollar is sliding when, in fact, the majority of them have actually all gained in relative value as an ‘asset’ in itself?

Wouldn’t it be handy to have the view as above from eToro and then toggle a ‘current’ value allowing for the fx impact only at the time you care about selling the holding and/or converting currencies?

Well Revolut is not a proper example, as Revolut only has investment account in USD(which you can display in local currency) plus all securities inside are USD denominated thus there is no FX impact until you sell and want to exchange USD for some other currency.

Don’t know about eToro.

But T212 has USD account, which if you use USD mostly is an option.

Otherwise FX will be there until multicurrency account are available, if they will eventually be available that is.

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Yes, I hear a lot of talk about multi currency accounts upcoming.

When you say USD account, you mean it’s possible to add funds in USD when you first open a 212 account? Or can I switch now from my Polish currency to the US dollar?

Aha, fyi, eToro is USD only.

Real profits and loss without FX impact are not real.


That’s why I used the quotation marks when I said ‘real’ :wink:

You can open account in USD, however first you would need to close existing.

I use Revolut for conversion.

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Ah, ok. I’ve got too much invested now and it’s all mostly red - thanks to fx impact :wink:

Think I’ll leave it at least until multi currency accounts exist.