View profit without FX impact

Hello everyone!

So I have CZK as my main currency but I mostly trade US stocks and use USD for the transactions. Meaning that I deposit USD into account, buy stocks with USD and sell them with USD. So no CZK is actually involved but I still see the FX impact anyway which doesn’t show the real gain/loss. I can see it on individual stocks but not in my overall portfolio. And I would really love to :slight_smile:

It could be as 2 number for portfolio (as it is on individual stocks). But I think even more convenient way would be to have a setting to disable the FX impact display which would show the actual portfolio state and also the state of each stock in the list (without opening them individually). It makes sense because I am only buying/selling the stocks with USD and even if I did use CZK I would need to see the FX impact only upon the transaction itself but for regular monitoring I don’t.

I hope that makes sense, it would be a great little feature to better understand what’s going on in the portfolio :slight_smile: