Two accounts. Which is the active one

I opened a EUR account with Trading but then logged out off the iphone app & clicked the Create Account button and put in exactly the same details except for a different email and USD as the currency. So now I have two accounts with 2 different email addresses & 2 different currencies. Now I understand that only one of them can be active & would like to know which one that is
BTW I haven’t made any deposit or purchase in either of the 2 accounts

The one that is active will be the one in which you deposit with and use. From the outside it looks like you’ve just created two separate accounts (both of which are live and active although not trading as no deposits).

Why did you create two lol

You may want to wait for the team to confirm which account to use, in order to prevent you from having restricted access to funds.

@Adel You should reach our customer care team at, and we’ll help you out.

Thank you Tony
I have been trying to get in touch for the last 15 days with no luck

Please excuse us for the delayed reply. Our team already sent you a follow up.

Thank you Tony
Yes someone got in touch this morning

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