UK centric investment pie


I’ve created this pie for UK/GBX centric investors and am using it as my monthly investment vehicle. I’d appreciate any constructive criticism.


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Welcome! It’s relatively sensible but more than 40% in the UK is ballsy. Vanguard’s Life Strategy funds which have about 20% in the UK are often considered too UK-centric by many.

Other than that, I’d say it is perhaps overcomplicated. I’d consolidate it down to handful of ETFs. Anything below 5-10% is probably not worthwhile anyway.

It’s just my two pennies’ worth though.

I mean, its just a bunch of ETFs.

Not sure what you can say about it.

Edit: Well actually, you have a ton of gold and bonds, just dump those. Go equity heavy and real estate, so REITS.

Thanks topher, I’ll give that some thought!

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Thanks A_A, 80% is equity actually, the gold and reits are quite low in there really.

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I’ve fiddled the UK equity exposure down 5% and apportioned that to the Lyxor World ETF instead.
I realise some of my market exposure calculations include things like gold and gilts - they shouldn’t be counted really I suppose.

I’ve added some further info here, including the overall ongoing charges calculation which turns out to be 0.15% - not bad at all!

If you’ve fiddled the UK exposure down to 5%, how is this a :uk: centric :pie:

Also why a mix of income and accumulation ETFs, are you looking to generate some small income from this?

I possibly wouldn’t mark gold as :uk: either.

Hi Dougal1984 - yeah in my mind, UK centric was supposed to imply UK investors/GBX currency base - I can see that’s misleading.

The novice in me hadn’t really picked up on the Accumulating/Distributing - thanks for pointing it out I’ll have a look into this.

And yes you’re right too - gold should not be listed as a geographical asset.

Thanks for your feedback!

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So I’ve swapped out 2 distributing ETFs for their accumulating equivalents, other distributing instruments did not have accumulating options on T212. Description and spreadsheet updated.