UK Non ISA Savings interest rates

I don’t know if there’s been a similar thread but how much interest rate are you currently getting on your savings account and which FCA regulated FSCS bank or institution are you using?

All ideas and opinion welcomed :+1:

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Good idea for a thread as a moving target.

RBS Digital Savings 3.75%
Virgin Money 2%

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Some media pundit thinks peor are pulling out of the stock market due to interest rate rises on savings accounts?

I wonder if that’s true or there’s an element of truth to it?

Ford money rates keep rising on their fixed accounts 1yr/2yr.3yr.
Their flexible saver just went 1.54–>1.75% (monthly instant access).
They aint beating your RBS digital above but not that far off.

I use Chase 1.5% and Monzo/Shawbrooks 1.55%

I know they’re not industry leading, but I’m waiting for an eye catching rate before I shuffle on.

If you are interested There are a few threads in Money Saving Expert Forum which are kept updated regularly.

This one is maintained by MSE. Butt it is not updated very often

This one updated regularly by MSE forum members. MSEs staffs writers can not beat thousand of eye catching eagles watching the best saving rates. Here are the link to the forum

Also do not forget you could drip-feed some of the money to a RSA which are paying a higher interest rate., Some of them are easy access which could easily deployed to the equity or other assets when needed.
This is a forum regarding Regular Saving Accounts

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Al-Rayan Everyday Saver account is now paying 2.10%. They call it expected profit, but for the savers it is the same with interestrate. It is an instant access for the balance of over £5,000+ and they keep reviewing it. When other saving providers try to beat them Al-rayan will increase their rate in just a matter of days to stay on the top. I have observed this happened since about two months ago. They have done that at least three times. This is good if you do not want to open, switch to a new account every time a better rate come in the market.

But I am not here to promote Al-Rayan or savings in general. People should DYOR and determine which one is suitable to them.