Client account size breakdown


I’m looking at transferring my ISA to 212. Like many I trade US stocks and the FX fees within an ISA are annoying, I’ve probably given IG £10 to £20k just in FX premiums this yr given its a 1% round trip and I turn over my folio quite a lot.

I would like to find out more information on the client breakdown and how many use this platform for larger accounts. By all accounts the vast majority here have sub £20k accounts which is fine but would allay my concerns over this platform if we had rough number/ % of users with over £100k or £500k accounts?

Does anyone have such information or link to annual reports/ presentations etc?

Many thanks

I understand this is along the same vein as another post:

But more interested in the overall numbers vs anecdotal replies.


Well answering the FX the fee is 0 in Invest/ISA

So everyone is happy if you have £1 or £1m

As far as stats I haven’t seen anything mentioned. I think someone did some napkin maths to work out about £1200 as the average across 700,000? based on the amount they need in cash to hold to cover customers.

Someone with actual stats @George @Martin @David @Ivan

£10-20k in fees :flushed:

From purely guessing I would imagine 95% have below £20k. So with 700k+ accounts what’s that 35,000 above £20k

I could be completely wrong. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks Phil,

Yeah its easier than you think to get there in fees, of course it should still be only a minor % of your profit but still…

Say you had a £100k account. Going from cash to fully invested and back will cost you £1k before anything happens, ignoring spread, means you have to gain 1% just to breakeven, those of us with tight stops at say 3-8% this has a large effect on position sizing, ( think William O’neil CANSLIM type trading)

Say you stagger that as a trader and you go 50% invested, then 90%, back to 50%, down to 25% then 50% then up to 100% and then sell everything. Which you may well do over a say a 3 month period as a swing/ position trader. Well, I cant be bothered with the math but you can see regular turn over of your account ( to maximise short term compounding) also leads to lots of FX costs as although the account may only be £100k you’ve bought and sold maybe £200ks worth!

Ultimately you obviously have to think in % terms with costs, fees profit etc but still!!..

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