UK registrations - OPEN

:uk: No more waiting! Registrations are now open for all UK residents.


What if someone was already on the waiting list?

All UK clients registered on the waitlist should have received their invites by now.

If a client hasn’t got their invite yet, they can drop me a DM.

Can they in theory just sign up, making the waitlist and the invites no longer necessary?

Yes, all UK residents can create an account directly without applying to the waitlist and waiting for an invite. :ok_hand:


Hi all,

Sorry for the complete lack of knowledge but what is this about please?

Thanks in advance

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Registration for new accounts in UK have been frozen / on waiting list since January 2021. Now it’s open again.


EU has been opened for months. Outside of EU, I’m not sure that ever was possible, but honestly don’t know.

Can anyone at Trading 212 give an update on when Australian accounts may be able to be opened? You have some features that I am keen to use. I have been on the wait list since April but have not heard anything. Thanks

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We appreciate your interest in the topic, @Iraise!

For the time being, there is no specific timeframe that we can share. Still, we’ll keep you posted on any progress :pray:t2:

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I am soo happy :slight_smile: Great job, team! This was a long-awaited event for many traders,


Outside EU it was open. Actually T212 was open worldwide until Jan 2021. Luckily I opened my account back in June 2020 from Bahrain :bahrain: (Middle East) & still using it. Sad part is they haven’t opened again since Jan 2021 & my friends are in the waiting list since.

Still registrations are not open for Isle of man customers

Thanks for this stuff! I apreciate it!

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