Uk stocks reaction to an S&P500 crash

I would also compliment it with Stock Spirits Group as a EU play.

Want Diageo but sadly budgeting for my Insurance next month. :frowning:

Do you guys find that uk shares move enough to make it worthwhile? Or do you have a significant amount in high dividend companies that it is a decent source of income?

I found my uk investments paled in comparison to my US stocks. Some stateside stocks will do 20% in a week, whereas it’ll take 3 months to do that with a UK stock. And Im not talking pump and dumps, I mean stocks that will have decent momentum for 6months+.

Whats the draw to the UK stocks in the short term, if you can find 100% in 3 months companies quite readily in the US. Even talking long term, if you source the right companies at under $30 a share, if they have sound fundamentals, they’ll return far more than any FTSE stock. (dividends aside)

I have a few UK stocks still. But my list is growing ever smaller as I find more US ones on the move.

Yeah I completely get that, if you can find those us stocks to do 20% a week or 100% a year then great, of course do that. For me (cant speak for others) its several reasons.

I am English and know (some) English companies/industries better than lots of US companies so find it easier to ‘know my stock’ which for me is important.

UK stocks by value are probably about 10-15% of my investments, and this will decrease as some funds I am putting more into right now have 0 UK stocks.

ALL my UK stocks are dividend payers, so as well as a UK element of diversification, they also give my portfolio a dividend bump as most of my other stocks have no dividend or a <1% dividend.

Finally, my UK stocks may increase or decrease in my portfolio in coming months/years as some are rebound plays that I will eventually sell out of during a cycle or as better opportunities present, as I said before many for me are a rebound/reopening play.

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10-15% of my folio is now UK stocks also.
Sylvania Platinum

It used to be much higher until this week, but they just idled day after day.

Companies like Grow Generation and Danaos in the US were doing 20%+ a week with minor corrections.

I found a subscription to Stockopedia has opened the door for finding these high growth with good fundamentals companies.