Offsetting risk on large gains


I wonder if someone can help.

I have been investing with T212 for around 4 months and have made a very nice return on both mine and my wife’s invest account (over 200% in each account).

It got me to thinking about the limited that UK regulators will cover us for if anything did happen to any of the trading platforms we us, which I understand to be £85k per firm.

How does everyone offset the risk if you are in the position of having more than this in one platform/account or speculate that this will be the case in a short period of time

Thank you

Please correct me if I am wrong but I think the 85k GBP covers lost cash if t212 goes bankrupt. I do not think it covers losses in equities


200% in 4 months?
Must have been betting with a lot of luck

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Thanks for the replies guys
Pennies have had a hell of a year so far ave. is over 90% return but one of our largest investments is almost 300% up.

So are my concerns fairly normal now that my gains are getting larger.


I wouldnt worry about it at all, just keep all in one platform. Interesting to me how people take crazy risks with volatile penny stocks yet are concerned about a one in a million event of a trading platform going under.


Thanks for the reply.

Thankfully the high risk of the Pennies may be passing when my biggest one moves in the the Nasdaq and my average price is now so long compared to where it is st the moment and its short term PT

I wouldn’t say risk in penny stocks ever passes. Anyway. Hope they continue to do well for you. good luck.

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There’s talk of Robinhood being sued. I don’t think it is unreasonable for people to ask the question. Particularly when it’s not totally clear how/when you access your shares if Trading 212 disappeared tomorrow.