Is it time to DUMP all US stocks?

I think that given the :us: market is the most overinflated market out there at the moment should we sell ALL our stocks now before the total collapse?
Your thoughts are welcomed

Yeah I think Apple has had its day it’s time for Orange to make a comeback.


Orange webmail what a tool and my Nokia handset they were the days. Flip front with a picture of your family you could barely see

Some faces aren’t worth seeing

Not much choice nowadays with the 2 foot phones we all carry around.
Do you honestly think US companies can continue with the current valuations? Some are bordering on obscene and I’m not even thinking Tesla

Mate history repeats itself this is dot-com 2.0

Tesla can’t manufacture enough cars to maintain its value for the next decade

Tech is here to stay though so I can’t see it collapsing for long, my thoughts are more with the state of the whole US stock market which has seen some rapid return to normal despite the virus still ravaging across the country

Trouble with the US is that when they go down, they drag everyone Lehman Brothers

Still not a good enough reason for me to be a US bag holder just so it doesn’t hurt the wider economies.
UK has more value than US at the moment I see a correction coming for the US

Surely this comes down to which US stocks you own. If you’re holding something that has a share price based on many multiples of future earnings then reducing your holdings in these shares seems sensible to me.

There is some value out there especially if you can get in early on the many SPACs.

@DC7 Finally a fair answer, thank-you.
Not all US stocks need selling nor UK or China or EU just view the stocks independently like you have said.

My job here is done

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If you want to dump stocks better look at the UK. US stocks are doing fine and given the $1T going to be injected into the market, the stocks will only grow for a while. You may expect a tech “correction” but I doubt will be before the end of the pandemic. On the other hand the UK stocks seem to plummet. If there is a no deal brexit they will be worse: carnage!

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This again is an inappropriate post being anti UK on a US related forum, please edit your post and keep it on topic please

Then like a phoenix they will rise from the ashes.

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Please dump any UK stocks you’ve got and i would happily buy…isn’t that what the stock market is there for??

You don’t need the forum to sell your stocks, business are conducted at the stock exchange not forum :rofl: :laughing:

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Anyone heavily in US stocks should hedge with China investments. They wont both lose.