Unable to buy shares

Hi. I’m new here and no pro. Today I found a company in the losers bracket with silly priced shares under 1p. I thought it might be worth a small punt but no matter what I was unable to allocate funds to it and select share amount.
I’m aware of the 95% rule and that wasn’t it, even added more funds. I was able to select shares in other companies so why not the one I wanted? Does it lock under a certain price?

What share are you trying to buy?

:joy: Also you need to look at market cap. Just because it’s 1p doesn’t mean it’s a loser.

Also it’s not a good idea to just “punt”, you need to do DD or you are throwing money away. It’s like gambling blind folded, you might win but the odds are stacked against you :sweat_smile:

Could be any reason but most likely down to liquidity.

Like anything you buy or sell, you you can only buy if there are people selling.

With less popular stocks it’s often the case that you can’t trade instantly.

If that doesn’t sound like the problem post a screenshot or something.