Unable to sell anything! [Resolved]

When I try to sell anything in my invest account it won’t let me put in a quantity and I get this message…

My isa account is working OK. Any help would be much appreciated

Do you have this security in pie maybe?

Thank you for your reply. I don’t have any pie’s and this problem has only just occurred because I was selling ok earlier this week.

That’s strange. There is no such thing as “short positions” on INVEST… I think?

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you cant short in Invest or ISA. I think they have clicked on the CFD account by mistake.

Except that iShares Core FTSE 100 is not available on CFD side.

hmm. the message should read different if they were trying to sell a position that they are already selling in full.

Are you in practice mode?

Check if you have any limit sells on the stock currently. If you want to change it you’ll have to remove the previous one first


Thanks for all replies, all of the above I have checked and don’t apply… I asked a friend of mine to check his invest account and his is the same as mine! So I would ask if you all could check yours by trying to sell something to see if you are in the same boat!

I don’t hold anything in invest unfortunately so can’t help you there

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Update… As of 11.30am it is now working. So I can now sell. Thanks to all for help.

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Still weird though. The phrase “short positions” should not even exist on the invest side.

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It happened to me too, tried to sell Santander in my ISA account and got the same message. Now working and luckily price hadn’t dropped.

I’m having trouble selling shares in my Isa account. My shares are not part of a pie. I get the following message… The maximum remaining quantity for short positions with this instrument is 0.

I have a pending order in my invest account, I don’t know if that is what’s affecting it?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hey did this fix for you? I also had the same issue for every single one of my 10 portfolio holdings!!

Hi, I downloaded the update and the issue has been fixed. Big thank you to customer support for fixing the issue.