Why can't I sell?

Can anyone tell me why I can’t currently sell stocks? I have a variety of stocks and looking at them today, some have the sell button, but some don’t. Is there a reason for this?

Are any of your stocks in a pie?

If they are in a pie you need to edit your pie to sell them off

I cannot sell them either… What is going on?

The maximum remaining quantity for short position with this instrument is 0…

This is the message. @David please help

If you are trying to short a stock that is very volatile it would have been blocked so it cannot be traded

No my stocks are not in a pie.

I am trying to sell my stock, not short them.

Which stocks are you trying to sell

FIII ghiv,etc everything cannot be sold at the moment in my account

Which market are they in?

Apple, Amazon and Alphabet Inc Class A

Your in CFD mode then I take it?

No, invest Mode… Nasdaq and NYSE market.

No in ISA mode, not CFD

Since we have explored the usual suspects, I think this is a technical issue which the T212 team will need to sort out

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What share you trying to sell? Can you screenshot it?

There is 2 separate issues here.

One is appearance of sell button. @Sandringham69

This happens when the company’s are owned via pie. Thus the only way to sell is to export out od pie and then sell via market/limit/stop order.

2nd issue, @Fonfo

Seems like you have limit/stop sell orders already set for the problematic stock, thus you cannot sell the stock. You have to first remove limit/stop sell orders.

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Nearly all my shares only have the Buy button available.

Thank you will check this out and try and remedy.