Unable to sell HTZ shares. Losing money due to constant system issues

Posting here as I have contacted the customer service but having no luck at all, they don’t bother to answer any of my questions and give me repetitive reworded replies. I am losing my patience and my money constantly as time goes by.

I placed an order and then tried to cancel the day before the ticker HTZ was delisted, the app would not let me cancel and just kept spinning ( had same issue before). It then placed the order at 7:59 right before market close. HTZ have now been delisted and I am trying to get rid of the shares but It wont let me sell. Every single day I am losing money due to the system not working correctly.

I feel that I should be recompensed in some way because this is really not acceptable.

How can I sell these worthless shares for the price the system decided to purchase them at?

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@David hi david are you able to help at all?

Hello, @Stockman!

As you are already aware, the company got delisted from NYSE and begun trading on OTC US Markets. However, some technical time was needed for this transition to get done on our platform. The process will be finalized today & you’ll be able to close your position.