Under the hood of Trading 212

Newly deployed, “well connected”, ready to serve you. More on the way.


Nice, lots of empty rack space still to fill :wink:

Consider it full with all the new stuff that’s coming. :grinning:


can’t wait you guys have a lot of exciting features on the way :partying_face:

make it happen, today I saw the android update and was anticipating something new. maybe just an update to prepare ground for the goodness that is coming?


You should host in Azure instead

We have our reasons to run our own cloud. The financial markets domain requires low-latency infrastructure. When we are in control, we can optimise it as much as needed.

Over time our ops team has built a lot of knowledge and invested a in automation and now they can scale our cloud easily. Our costs are significantly lower compared to AWS’s offer.


If it’s an English speaking office I will be job hunting in August :wink: