Trading 212 has surpassed $1B in client assets

A billion dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?



Congratulations on the growth.

Great! I can see how you can be sustainable with securities lending.

Suppose pie in the sky, conservatively, that £100m is in Invest Accounts and you get average 2%p.a for lending them out, that’s a cool £2m income.

As you keep growing, 10s of millions in revenue is very feasible from this.


Congrats, well deserved! (And this is coming from one your most complaining customers all time)


Would be honestly amused to see more people appear to try and claim T212 is a scam or other such nonsensical claims :stuck_out_tongue:

T212 client base is too large for all these journalists and comparison sites to pretend it doesn’t exist xD


Great progress. Let’s wish clients success as investors so the assets per account also grows.


wow :star_struck:
3x my account valeu :blush:

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The world of mouth effect is so strong that the rest doesn’t really matter.
Here’s a chart of weekly active clients (funded accounts, not users).

Who said August is slow?


can anyone say :rocket: :full_moon_with_face:

So long Robinhood, lol. :rofl:


It looks good :smiley:.

Just to confirm, is the bottom line 0 or is it zoomed in? (It can make a very big difference if the y axis starts at zero, or not)

Congratulations on reaching 1 billion USD!

I wrote a single post in money saving expert forums right after creating my account.

I defined my investment choices and tools, I said II is charging too much in too many different areas many of them can be considered “hidden fees” and asked for opinions for a UK SIPP provider.

My account post and account got deleted same day, with no explanation email or anything just gone :slight_smile:

Moral of the story is those dongles acting as if they are independent and try to help you are just shilling paid agents.


I started with T212 this summer and of course I have seen several of these really bad review sites where random people write really stupid reviews. I don’t know where I would have ended up when I hadn’t know about T212 from financial news papers before (if a platform is mentioned as a serious competitor to banks in a swiss newspaper, it must be a thing and fulfill quite some requirements).

I am like 0.000000000000000001% of these 1B, yay congrats T212!


Impressive! Congratulations :clap:t6:

Awesome good to see the platform grow.

I tried to get my gf to sign up with the referral link, she downloaded the app and signed up without using the link :joy:

Ah well no free shares but hopefully a bit more security and planning for our future

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Surely makes me feel so much more positive for the future and building a solid portfolio with you guys :muscle:t2: Here’s to the next ?? years!! :rocket:

Congrarulations, great achievement.

Now can we please start adding lots of tickers onto the platform to get ourselves to 10k of stocks short term? Some of the requests filled in few months ago haven’t been filled in.
At the moment it feels like t212 is pleasing just dividend and etf investors, with all these great features such as pies and autoinvest, but ultimately if there are more stocks, then there will be more people and more growth for you guys.
Trust me, as someone who pumps two 20k ISAs (mine and wifes) every year, I want to see more stocks where I can put money for my growth strategy. The last thing I care about is fractions. Can’t see I am alone in here, we have missed too many boats like SYME or ODX simply because stock wasn’t added when requested months ago!


When will we be able to transfer those assets though?